Santeria by Omega Vape Cranberry Vanilla Cream ejuice

6 mg PG VG unknown 
I got this juice at ECC 2014.
Santeria by Omega Vape Cranberry Vanilla Cream ejuice
Santeria by Omega Vape cranberry vanilla and cream vape.  The cranberry notes that fuse well with the cream and vanilla balancing out the sweetness giving an enjoyable taste.
Santeria by Omega Vape  describe this juice as "Lightly sweetened cranberries blend with a concoction of french vanilla and multiple cream bases to create a unique, smooth e-juice that coats your throat with deliciousness.
     I agree with their description personally I do not find this juice overly sweet. I find the description is correct.  The flavorings give the ejuice richness that not too candied or too sweet as long as you are vaping the ejuice at higher wattages.  I think it is amazing at high to medium wattage.
I used four different wattages between 15-100. I used a Galaxy by Surric vapor RBA on a Sigelei on the  to review this juice. To wick the ejuice I used Tidi Rayon. (this rayon is amazing to read more about it click here)To find your wattage and my key that I use to rate vapor production click here.

This juice is the best at 100w and 60w.  I enjoy really vaping this ejuice at high to mid range wattage, it is better than at 15w or 30w. At low wattages the flavors do not fuse as much and the juice is more candied.  I think the flavor shines at 60w and above. I highly recommend it if you vape at that wattage.
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