The Hive in Santa Monica and Yoga Blocks and Socks

The Hive, Santa Monica, juice bar
A lot of times people have posted juice reviews instead of ejuice reviews in the Ecigjuicereview G+ group. I have been going to The Hive in Santa Monica almost every day since they opened a couple of weeks ago. They have a friendly atmosphere, amazing organic juice juice already made on display and fresh pressed, and a great selection of food (lots of vegan and truffle options).

  I highly recommend trying their Buzz Juice, home made Kombucha, Guardian bee shot, or cold pressed cacao.  Buzz juice mint and swish chard gives an amazing combo. They make there own Kombucha which is supper strong and good and they have some Kombucha on Tap. Their Guardian Bee shoot has cayenne and ginger it is amazing and a must try. They sell a cold pressed cacao drink that gives a more mild buzz than coffee and makes me happy all day that I drink one.
     I think the Hive in Santa Monica is a great juice place and if you are in Santa Monica you need to visit. The owners are vapers too. It is on 6th street and Broadway. They also deliver if you are too busy but i highly recommend visiting.

I have been doing alot of streching yoga and pilates classes recently. I found a nice Yoga Blocks and strap set that can be got close to 25 dollars. It is great for stretching before you go to sleep. I have been using 5 toe socks I like the Yoga Full Toe a bit more then Mato & Hash but they are a bit more expensive.

Well I am going to go back to reviewing ejuice and vaping accessories now. Just thought it would be funny to talk about a great juice place and Yoga Blocks and socks for a post. :) Vape on. To see the other reviews I have done click here.