Dr Jekyll by Digbys Juices Anise Wormwood Mint and Citrus Vape

6 mg 50 PG 50 VG 
Dr Jekyll by Digbys Juices is an amazing anise citrus and mint fusion. Vape Club UK says their is a wormwood flavor which I only tasted in Absinthe, so I am not that great on discerning that flavor but it has a woody note. The Anise flavor is the most prevalent. The other flavors are subtle hints that combine in an amazing fusion when vaped. The mint allows this juice to be moist at even really high wattages, while it does not overpower the mixture. Vape Club UK says "Dr Jekyll is a seriously flavoursome juice, so if you're a fan of subtlety this may not be the one for you! "  I agree; with that statement the ejuice has an enjoyable in-your-face flavor. It isn't the strongest ejuice I have vaped  (click here to read the reviews I have done) but it is a strong flavored one.
I used five different wattages between 15-150. I used a Galaxy by Surric vapor RBA on a SMY260 to review this juice. To wick the ejuice I used Tencel Rayon. (this rayon is amazing going to post about it soon to read about Tidi Rayon click here). To find your wattage and my key that I use to rate vapor production click here.

This juice really shines at 100w IMHO.  I enjoy really vaping this ejuice at high mid range wattage, it is better than at 15w, 30w, 60, and 150w. At 150w the juice is too hot for me. The mint flavor prevents this ejuice from being too dry. The fusion of flavors at 150 is amazing. I chained two extra large drip tips together to enjoy it, but it was still hot. At low wattages the flavors do not fuse as much.  I think the flavor really came through at 100w, I highly recommend it vaping it at that temperature. I notice more flavor with the lower gauge wire I wrapped with. The flavor seemed to max out at around 22 gauge. But the biggest difference is the same ohm coil with 24 gauge wire and 29 gauge. I am thinking about adding this ejuice to my current favorite list (click here to view it). The dark green food coloring and the fact I need to order more is what is holding me back :) This ejuice is amazing and I highly recommend it.
You can get this juice from Vape Club UK. 
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